Past BSB Event Stories: Week 7

The anticipation is building in the BSB fandom, can you feel it? If we weren't anxious before, well those boys have certainly been getting us there this week, and it would seem that the increased excitement has sparked some memories and encouraged some more people to share their BSB stories. We have 2 stories for you this week!

The first comes to you from TDS user ff87 and it's another cruise story!

I've had a few encounters with BSB but by far the funniest one was during the 2010 BSB cruise. My sister, cousin and I were trying to avoid the big crowds so we decided to take one of the less used elevators towards the back of the ship. So once we get in the elevator it's just us 3 and those elevators are super slow. We took it to the top floor so while we're on it we decide to be stupid and my cousin and I are rapping to juveniles " Back that thang up" lol. While my sisters back is facing the door of the elevator, she's there shaking her ass like a ghetto crazy girl and were just having a good time not even caring that this is showing up on surveillance. The elevator makes a stop and my sister is still there bending over, shaking her ass, the doors open and there's Brian, Leighanne, Baylee, and security staring at us. The three of us looked at each other and we could not stop laughing, we said hello and just walked out in giggles. 

That's the thing about the cruise, those boys pop up when you least expect it!

Our next story come from another dear friend to the Noisy Girls and the woman behind Team Wylee Canada, Sofia. Her story takes place during Nick's I'm Taking Off tour.

My friends and I did the Canadian Nick Carter tour in November 2011 and I was sick as a dog. Every time I laughed I would cough like crazy (the things I do for these boys, lol). Anyways he did Mississauga, Bellville and then Montreal. In Montreal my friends and I thought we would get a cheap hotel, we were REALLY tired and the hotel was right beside the Metropolis venue so it was perfect. Now let me say the hotel was pretty shady, but it was cheap and a good spot to be so we didn't care. So we checked in. First the elevator couldn't fit everyone's stuff so we had to take turns bringing everyone's stuff up to our room and the doors would just close on you every so often. While we're going up to our room the receptionist comes up to go to another room, however, there is a painter on a ladder with a bucket of paint  at the room she's going to, so he's obviously painting and the room is not ready. So she asks him is this room ready to be used and the painter is looking at her like wtf and says no I'm not done yet. lol 
It got cold in the morning so my friend Cinzia went to see if she could turn the heat on, but she saw there wasn't really a knob to turn the heat on so she went down to see if they could help. So I wake up and see her come back up with this big looking tv but it's a heater to heat the room. Cinzia goes to me, "The lady said if we had any problems with the heater or with anything else to give them a call and they'll come right up." I say to her, "Good luck with that since there's no fucking phone." Cinzia says, "There's gotta be a phone Sof" and I'm like "No there's not!" She looks around the room and she goes, "You're right, there's not!" 
The next day at this lovely establishment, around 9am, Cinzia is in the bathroom and I hear someone banging on the door of next room over. The gentlemen is shouting, "Open this door and come out here and suck my dick!!" lmao So I get up off my bed look through the peep hole, he's half naked, thankfully it's not bottom half. I make sure the door is locked because I'd rather be safe than sorry, lol. So Cinzia comes out of the bathroom and I ask her, "Did you hear that man  shouting from in the bathroom?" She goes, "No" and I tell her about the man and she says, "We should call security."  I bust out laughing and say, "Cinzia, if there is no phone here, there is for sure no security!" lmao Like I said it was a pretty shady place, but it added to the fun adventure and now we have funny stories to tell. 

Yikes! That story is funny AND a little scary, lol. But like Sofia said, the things we do for those boys!!

Join the fun! Send us YOUR funny experiences and we'll post them right here next week. You can e-mail us at backstreetnoiseproject@yahoo.com or you can do what ff87 and Sofia did and post it on TDS. See you next Monday! :)

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