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Hello everyone :) Lady V here, oh my god we're back again!

So... what would happen if the Backstreet Boys all suddenly found themselves single?
They would go on Dating websites of course! They would be advertising themselves to lonely ladies… I think it may go a little something like this:

Name: Kevin Richardson
Location: Kentucky
Height: 6ft 2
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Occupation: Ex-model now Actor
About me:
Baby, I know you’re hurting. Right now you feel like you could never love again. But all I ask is for a chance, to prove that I love you! Wassup wassup! This is Kev, Im looking for “The One”. Would like to meet a good-looking, relaxed lady aged 35-42 to spend time with me doing interesting things like reading, having deep and meaningful conversations and sitting in the garden. Must enjoy theatre and gardening and be able to put up with four “little brothers”.

Name: Alex (AJ at work) also Bone, Jizzle, Frillneck
and Johnny depending on how I’m feeling
Location: Where do you want me? (Sorry that was AJ)
Height: Taller than Howie and Brian but shorter than Nick
Hair colour: It has been many colours… it wasn’t impressed and has left the building
Eye Colour: Brown
Occupation: Ex-Tease (now thinking of taking over Howie’s role within BSB)
About me:Please come and sort me out because amongst other issues I have a serious personality disorder. Because of this I fall in love with every woman that doesn’t run away after a first date. I have at least 6 distinctive personalities to date:
Alex would like to meet an attractive, strong, reliable woman/girl aged 17-65 who is not full of shit, won’t judge me and will love me for who I am.
AJ would like to meet a Horny honey for some sexy action but no real commitment. Bone would like to meet his soul mate.
Jizzle would like to meet a cleaner.
Johnny was busy while we were writing this, apparently he’s “a busy bloke right now and he’s shagging some bird up the west end” I have NO idea what that means. Haven’t seen Frillneck on twitter for some time.
Must like beards and tattoos. If you’re interested give me “The call”

Name: Brian Littrell
Location: Kentucky
Height: 5ft8 and a half
Hair colour: Light Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Occupation: Singer and Preacher
About me:
Love is patient, love is kind, Love does not insist on its own way. Love bears all things, believes all things, Hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. - I Corinthians 13:4-8
Hey Y’all. My names Brok and I’m looking for a nice Christian lady who actually understands the above bible quotation and doesn’t just ignore it and say “Bless him! He’s going all biblical on us again, what a sweet heart! He’s so nice” I am Adam, come and be my Eve! Must like church and small dogs. Must also be very patient as I’m a little hyper and a bit repetitive at times… Alright! Gotta go!

Name: Howie Dorough
Location: Florida
Height: 5ft7
Hair colour: Dark Latino Brown
Eye Colour: Brown *winks*
Occupation: Singer/winker
About me:
“If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain. If you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain. If you'd like making love at midnight, in the dunes on the Cape. Then I'm the love that you've looked for, Write to me and escape.”
Would like to meet Stealthy woman who would go anywhere for me *winks*

Name: Nick Carter
Location: Anywhere you want me! Haha!
Height: 6ft and a lot
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Ocean Blue
Occupation: Singer/rock star
About Me:
I’m not normally short of female action, because Im gorgeous. But it seems I am now, perhaps its because I don’t resign in Florida anymore. I want a woman… A hot woman. One with boobs and a nice face. You don’t have to be clever or anyfin like that as long as you don’t touch my Nintendo we will get along fine. I seem to cause Chaos of every form so you will need to look after me, feed me, wash my underpants and clean up my mess. I love the Ocean and am good at looking interlectical on twitter. Also every time I have a really crazy idea you must tell me what a wonderful idea it is and how wonderful I am, actually tell me that all the time. And whatever happens you must keep telling me it’s not my fault, don’t EVER blame me or I will have the tattoo of your name removed.


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