BSB 20th Anniversary Year Stories: Week 1

Ok so we had a bit a of a lull there with the past event stories but never fear .... We're back!!! And we all know there's got to be some amazing and hilarious stories out there from this past weekend. I mean, this is what we were waiting for people! The 20th anniversary year has officially begun! Were you at the fan event on Saturday? How about the Walk of Fame ceremony on Monday? Or maybe you were just watching from home? Well if you've got a funny story to share we're here to help. We wanna hear from you, so send your stories to backstreetnoiseproject@yahoo.com or post them on TDS and we'll share them with all our followers so we can all share in the laughs.

To get the ball rolling I (Dianne) will share with you some of the craziness that ensued at my BSB 20th anniversary fan event viewing party. My friends and I couldn't make it out to LA (plane tickets from Toronto to LA ain't cheap) so we decided to all get together, watch the stream together and have our own little celebration. Now, if you watched the live stream this won't be news to you but for those of you who didn't see it, boy did you miss some gems! The whole thing was on Backstreet Time to the EXTREME as the boys weren't actually out on stage until 2 HOURS after the stream was scheduled to start. As a result our "hosts" Jojo and Tammee had to kill time ... lots of time. It. Was. Horrible. Aside from the maybe 20 mins of Jojo interviewing the boys backstage, it was just pure torture. There are really no other words to describe it besides train wreck. But I digress (and getting to my point) it provided for some really funny moments. First off, our hosts spent quite a bit of time "interviewing" fans. Cue all of us screaming and basically loosing our minds every time we saw our friend and fellow Noisy Girl, Jen on the stream. It was as if we thought if we screamed "TURN AROUND!!" at the screen loud enough, she would somehow hear us in LA. It had to be an amusing site to see if nothing else. Then there were the other "interviews" (and I put that in quotations because they were just so stupid). We start out with Tammee interviewing the DJ, who will evidently also be on the cruise. Now frankly, I feel really sorry for this guy because they must have said his name like 10 times. We could not figure it out. Over the course of the night we referred to this man as "DJ Chewbacca" "DJ Chalupa" and of course our favorite, "The One Eyed DJ". Why one eyed you ask? Well when he first appeared on the screen, for some reason, Cinzia felt the need to ask, "Is that man missing an eyeball?" I don't know why she thought he was missing an eyeball but she did, and thus was born his new nickname. Now after Tammee interviewed the DJ they go to Jojo interviewing Christian the bartender. Why? Who knows. I don't think this guy even knew who the Backstreet Boys were. Then we cut back to Tammee interviewing some fans. Back to Jojo interviewing the boys (FINALLY!!) and then, because they hate us, back to Tammee interviewing guess who? Most of you know it ... Christian the bartender. WE JUST TALKED TO THIS GUY!!! He's a moron! He spent most of this interview trying to get Tammee drunk in what I can only assume was an attempt to go home with her. Now we're about to cut back to Jojo and just as they're about to do this Cinzia says "If he's interviewing The One Eyed DJ I'm gonna loose it" Cue Jojo and who is he talking to? That's right! The DJ!! I was literally almost on the ground laughing.

Alright, so there's my experience, now you gotta share yours!! We know you've got 'em so get to sending people! Let's get this Backstreet 20th Anniversary Party Train rolling!


Past BSB Event Stories: Week 7

The anticipation is building in the BSB fandom, can you feel it? If we weren't anxious before, well those boys have certainly been getting us there this week, and it would seem that the increased excitement has sparked some memories and encouraged some more people to share their BSB stories. We have 2 stories for you this week!

The first comes to you from TDS user ff87 and it's another cruise story!

I've had a few encounters with BSB but by far the funniest one was during the 2010 BSB cruise. My sister, cousin and I were trying to avoid the big crowds so we decided to take one of the less used elevators towards the back of the ship. So once we get in the elevator it's just us 3 and those elevators are super slow. We took it to the top floor so while we're on it we decide to be stupid and my cousin and I are rapping to juveniles " Back that thang up" lol. While my sisters back is facing the door of the elevator, she's there shaking her ass like a ghetto crazy girl and were just having a good time not even caring that this is showing up on surveillance. The elevator makes a stop and my sister is still there bending over, shaking her ass, the doors open and there's Brian, Leighanne, Baylee, and security staring at us. The three of us looked at each other and we could not stop laughing, we said hello and just walked out in giggles. 

That's the thing about the cruise, those boys pop up when you least expect it!

Our next story come from another dear friend to the Noisy Girls and the woman behind Team Wylee Canada, Sofia. Her story takes place during Nick's I'm Taking Off tour.

My friends and I did the Canadian Nick Carter tour in November 2011 and I was sick as a dog. Every time I laughed I would cough like crazy (the things I do for these boys, lol). Anyways he did Mississauga, Bellville and then Montreal. In Montreal my friends and I thought we would get a cheap hotel, we were REALLY tired and the hotel was right beside the Metropolis venue so it was perfect. Now let me say the hotel was pretty shady, but it was cheap and a good spot to be so we didn't care. So we checked in. First the elevator couldn't fit everyone's stuff so we had to take turns bringing everyone's stuff up to our room and the doors would just close on you every so often. While we're going up to our room the receptionist comes up to go to another room, however, there is a painter on a ladder with a bucket of paint  at the room she's going to, so he's obviously painting and the room is not ready. So she asks him is this room ready to be used and the painter is looking at her like wtf and says no I'm not done yet. lol 
It got cold in the morning so my friend Cinzia went to see if she could turn the heat on, but she saw there wasn't really a knob to turn the heat on so she went down to see if they could help. So I wake up and see her come back up with this big looking tv but it's a heater to heat the room. Cinzia goes to me, "The lady said if we had any problems with the heater or with anything else to give them a call and they'll come right up." I say to her, "Good luck with that since there's no fucking phone." Cinzia says, "There's gotta be a phone Sof" and I'm like "No there's not!" She looks around the room and she goes, "You're right, there's not!" 
The next day at this lovely establishment, around 9am, Cinzia is in the bathroom and I hear someone banging on the door of next room over. The gentlemen is shouting, "Open this door and come out here and suck my dick!!" lmao So I get up off my bed look through the peep hole, he's half naked, thankfully it's not bottom half. I make sure the door is locked because I'd rather be safe than sorry, lol. So Cinzia comes out of the bathroom and I ask her, "Did you hear that man  shouting from in the bathroom?" She goes, "No" and I tell her about the man and she says, "We should call security."  I bust out laughing and say, "Cinzia, if there is no phone here, there is for sure no security!" lmao Like I said it was a pretty shady place, but it added to the fun adventure and now we have funny stories to tell. 

Yikes! That story is funny AND a little scary, lol. But like Sofia said, the things we do for those boys!!

Join the fun! Send us YOUR funny experiences and we'll post them right here next week. You can e-mail us at backstreetnoiseproject@yahoo.com or you can do what ff87 and Sofia did and post it on TDS. See you next Monday! :)


Past BSB Event Stories: Week 6

And so it begins! We've got tour dates in Asia and a Walk of Fame weekend in LA. So if you're going to any of those events we wanna hear from you afterward! Tell us about all of the hilarious moments that are bound to take place!

Can't wait that long? No worries! We're gonna keep posting stories from past events until the funniest moments from this 20th anniversary year start rolling in and boy do we have one for you this week. This story comes from our friend and all around hilarious gal, Cinzia, and well, you just gotta read it ...

After the 2nd cruise we decided to do Disney for a day. There were 4 of us: Erin (HUGE Disney fan, knows everything about everything in the parks), Cinzia (me - casual Disney fan, been a bunch of times), Sofia and Lindsey (big fans - have never been to Disney).
During the cruise we probably slept 4 hours all weekend. Slept for a bit on the Monday and then hit Disney on the Tuesday. It was a lot of fun but a super long day and we were very tired.
Erin arranged for us to do a character dinner - it's a buffet dinner where the characters from the movie mingle with you (this had Cinderella characters).

We were having fun taking pics individual pics with characters. So Prince Charming makes it to our table. We all quickly take turns getting our picture taken with him and when we're done he remarks, "Wow, that was fast!"

We then proceeded to have a convo with him. He then looked at us with a scared/horrified look on his face and said, "what?!". I responded that we meet a lot of boy bands and celebs and have to learn to take pictures quick so we don't miss our opportunity. He goes "oh" in a relieved way and continues on to the next table.

We look at each other puzzled and tried to figure out his reaction. Erin was still standing, where she had tied her BSB cruise hoodie (with the mermaid) around her waist.
Me: That was a weird reaction.
Erin: What did we say to him?
Me: Ok let's rewind...

Prince Charming: Wow, that was fast!
Me: Yeah, we do Boy Bands
Sofia (while snapping fingers and giving a back and forth arm gesture): In and out, in and out...very quickly
Erin (while sticking her butt out and pointing to it): Backstreet!
*Note - she did not say Backstreet BOYS, just Backstreet and although she was pointing to the BSB hoodie, it looked like she was pointing to her bum*

So yeah, we totally traumatized Prince Charming (who looked about 15 by the way) into thinking we "did" boy bands, very quickly, in our bums. 

*Note to self - next time go to Disney BEFORE the cruise, so we are not half asleep and scarring innocent Disney actors*

Now, if that didn't tickle your funny bone, you might wanna get yourself checked out!! ;)

Wanna send us YOUR funny story? backstreetnoiseproject@yahoo.com is the e-mail to send it to. YOUR story could be up here next week! See you then! :)


Past BSB Event Stories - Week 5

So here we are at week 5 and we didn’t get any submissions for this week, sooooooooo...I’m gonna submit one of my own tour memories for this week.

Back in August 2010, the Boys did a TIU show in Cleveland, OH.  Five of us Noisy Girl planned on meeting up and going to the show together.  For some, it was the first time we’d all meet in person.  There was myself (from WV), Chels (From OH), Luz (from Texas), Dianne (from Canada) and LadyV (from England).  Yeah...we be from ALLL over the globe!  We decided to meet up a couple days before the show so that we could all hang out and just have some fun really getting to know each other in person and oohhhhhh what a time we had...like only Noisys know how to do!  Full of laughs, fun and making good memories.  But one particular instance stands out at MY favorite memory of the trip.

We were on the streets of Cleveland walking somewhere and we kept hearing this beeping sound.  We finally realized where the beep was coming from.....the crosswalk signal.  We were proud of our discovery until Dianne, or DD as I so affectingly call her, says all of a sudden “Oh!! I get it...the beeping is for the deaf people!”  Ok, clearly she MEANT blind people but by the time this registered to me I was almost literally rolling on the ground with laughter, as was the rest of the girls!  There were a LOT of hysterical moments on that trip,  that lives in infamy in my mind, but THAT is my favorite of them all!

So, that’s one of MY stories, but we want to hear YOURS!  We all would love to hear about one of your crazy/funny tour stories! Or if you had a crazy VIP picture, send it our way!  Please submit them to us at backstreetnoiseproject@yahoo.com


Past BSB Event Stories - Week 4

Those Backstreet Boys, they just love testing our patience don't they? Teasing away about being in the studio and in meetings. TELL US SOMETHING!!! We need our fix! And hopefully some amazing and hilarious stories from this bound to be epic 20th anniversary year. But until then, we continue on with stories from the past. We didn't get any submissions with week, guess everyone was busy with Valentine's Day ... or should I say gettin' busy! ;) That's ok though, Dianne here and I'll share one of my experiences.

Now, I'll preface this story with a bit of background info. As you may or may not know, I kind of have this thing about asking the boys, especially Nick, if they've ever licked a battery. Don't ask me why, I just think it's funny. So ...

It's August 2011, Nick seems to be here in Toronto every other day (not that I mind) and this website called iVillage Canada is running a contest to go see Nick at an intimate show. All you had to do to enter was send them a question to ask Nick. So of course I'm sending away, trying to win me some tickets, and eventually, I'm running out things to ask. Now, I'm operating under the assumption that, considering a bunch of people are spamming them with tons of questions, they are not actually reading all these questions. What do I have to loose? So I send my question "Have you ever licked a battery?" Well, I didn't win ... :( ... But my friend Sofia did and because she's the best, she took me as her plus one! :)
Fast forward to the day of, we're waiting in line to get inside, along comes this woman who works at the site. We start talking to her and she tells us about how she was the one in charge of the twitter account and how she read all the tweets and they were so funny and ... well ... you can see where this is going. Next thing I know she telling us all about this weird person who wanted them to ask Nick if he's ever licked a battery. I couldn't hold it in. I burst out laughing and said "that was me!!" We all had a good laugh and of course I had to explain why I would ask such an odd question, but to this day, almost every time I tweet that iVillage Canada account, they tweet me back ;)

Now don't leave me hanging here, I know there's a bunch of you out there just as crazy as I am. Send us your stuff!! Not exactly a wizard with words? No worries, we'd be happy to help you put your story into the perfect Noisy blog post. Still not feeling it? Send us your hilarious VIP pic! No writing required! backstreetnoiseproject@yahoo.com

Now let's all cross our fingers and hope by next week we'll have news of NEW BSB events! See you then!


Past BSB Event Stories - Week 3

We are back again with the 3rd installment of YOUR past BSB event/encounter stories!  This story comes to us from a member of our lovely friends at TDS, Shania. So sit back and enjoy!

So, I've never been to a BSB event but here's my funny encounter involving Twitter, Carly Rae Jepson, food, and Calculus. I was on summer vacation and I was teaching myself how to do Calculus. Suddenly, I got bored, so I decided to have lunch and checked my Twitter timeline. At that time, Brian was tweeting as well. Since I was so bored, I tweeted Brian, thinking that he wasn't going to read it. I Tweeted "Hey this is Shania and I'm not crazy but here's my Twitter, so chirp me maybe".   A minute later, he didn't reply once but TWICE! All the while I was doing a calculus problem but eating. The good news is, I didn't choke on my food but I think I messed up that calculus problem as well! lol

That's our Boys...sneak-attacking us on Twitter.  Shania definitely got a special and rare shout out from Brian. Way to go Shania! And thank you for sharing your story with us!

Do YOU have a special story or memory of a past BSB event that you'd like to share with our readers?  We'd love to hear about your adventures and funny mishaps that happen during tour or a random Boy encounter?  Please send them to us and we will post them here on our blog! Look forward to hearing from our readers! You can either send them to us via TDS in our thread or email us at backstreetnoiseproject@yahoo.com.


Past BSB Event Stories - Week 2

Welcome back everyone! We've made it to week two here at the new Backstreet Noise Project and we're rolling along slowly but surely! 

This week we have a CRUISE story from another friend to the Noisy Girls, Rose. She's a pretty popular gal so you may have heard this one before, but it's so good, it's worth reading again ... 

On the 2010 BSB Cruise, I didn't expect what I got. I was just happy to be there on a great boat with friends, with nonstop BSB events. So that night for Karaoke, Jenn had described it as Brian hosting it and that was about it. We weren't told all four would be there, we were NOT told all four would be singing with us to boot. I got in, sat down with my roommates and one of the Rose Tours people saw me and said hi cause she remembered us from Masquerade night. I asked what she was doing, and she said signing people up to do karaoke.

WHY I had the nerve to sign up, I'll never know. I'm not a bold person lol but I've done karaoke before and it seemed simple enough. I mean only Brian was hosting right? I figured it'd be a shot to meet one of my two fave BSBs. Originally I was gonna sing "Nobody But You" but changed my mind last second to "10,000 Promises" since it's my fave song and I figured it'd make me less nervous. I was told they wouldn't pick everyone who signed up so I was like okay and then the poor lady got rushed when a bunch of fans realized what she was doing LOL. 

So imagine my shock when they not only are ALL there, but they're singing with the girls who came up first! LOL. I almost had a heartattack. I practically did when AJ's trying to pronounce my last name, I corrected him before I was like "oh shit, that's me!" lmao. When I got up there, hugging the Boys and everything, I was doing my best not to freak out. Next thing I know I've got Brian directing me on moving around the stage lmao. Then I have AJ running into the front row acting like a fan, pretending to cry and reaching for my hand as I sing with Brian having me sing to him. Then, Nick comes up and says "You gotta give them some drama." with me waving my arms about in typical Nick overdramatic fashion. But is that enough? Oh no. "Now we go to the knees" - Then he has me down to the knees like he always does, holding my arms out and mocking his performances lol. Basically I spent the entire song trying not to freak out and laugh till I cried. 

This also happened to be the first time I legitimately met the Boys. Apparently it was as memorable to them as it was to me cause in 2011 during a VIP on the NKOTBSB tour, they remembered me LOL. I also got recognized by other fans too. My anonymity in the fandom went poof! Hell, a moment of it's even on the damn cruise dvd. LOL. It was absolutely insane.

Now if that doesn't get you on that boat ... We don't know what will!

Do YOU have an amazing cruise story just like Rose's? Or maybe something from one of the tours or a promo event? SEND IT TO US!! We'd love to post YOUR hilarious experiences right here on our blog. Got friend with a really funny story? Recommend us!! We LOVE newcomers!! 

Thanks for reading Noisy fans!! See you next week! 


Past BSB Event Stories - Week 1

Happy Nick's Birthday everyone! Well, it has been exactly 1 week since we made our announcement and we already have our first submission!! Whooo hoooo!!! This one comes from a good friend to the Noisy Girls, Emma, or as we like to call her, Queen of the Darkside! (She runs TDS, our favorite forum) 

We were in the hotel bar after a show in Manchester, UK and AJ came wandering in! He sat behind us and was chatting with some fans....
I was trying to be Stealth (like D) and was leaning back trying to listen in (think James Bond spy styleeee) When my other girls started laughing and suddenly AJ shouted loudly right in my ear!!!! *cue me shatting myself*
He had crept up behind me and decided to scare me to death!

I went a shade of beetroot and then ...... (probably instinct) slapped him hard on the arm and told him I hated him!! lols. My girls found it amusing and he just laughed like a total (gorgeous) bastard!

He then sat with us for a bit, chatting, showing us pics of his dogs on his phone and telling us how he'd been working out! Concluding the chat with asking to feel how hard his abs were!  So naturally I gave them a good feel!!! hahahahah It. Was. Awesome. My fave experience with a BSB and he totally knew what he was doing to get us excited!! lols!

He's a sneaky one that AJ!! 

Did you love this story as much as we did? Do you have one of your own? Send it to us!! We'd love to post YOUR funny BSB encounter or amusing Backstreet related stories. See you next week!! :) 


A Noisy Announcement 

To quote Brian (although, really, it should be AJ, but we all know Brian says it way more than AJ) “OMG, We’re back again!!”

The Backstreet Noise Project has had to be put on the backburner for a lot of us Noisy Girls and as much as we’d love to continue to come up with and write hilarious (or at least what we deem to be hilarious) pieces for the site, life just seems to have gotten in the way, kids, careers, bill paying... you know all the boring stuff. So we had an idea …

We Noisys are attempting to revive our little blog, in honour of the big, looming, 20th anniversary, and of course, to keep their fans smiling as best we can. However, we’re going to need your help!

As funny as we may try to be, I think we can all agree that the best and the funniest stories come from BSB adventures. Sure, we can share those stories with our family and friends, but no one can really appreciate them like other BSB fans. And with the 20th anniversary year coming up, there’s gonna be a ton of events and who knows what kinda crazy stuff could happen.  So what we’re hoping is that you guys will share your stories with us, we’ll post them on the blog, and everyone can have a good laugh. And if we can get stories from a whole bunch of different events this year, it’ll be a nice way to commemorate the boys’ 20th anniversary.

What we’re looking for is this: funny stories, either involving BSB or BSB related, from your BSB adventures. Obviously nothing too long, we don’t want reviews, and the stories have to be real ie. it had to actually happen to you, no fan fic. We are also not suggesting we go down the BSB secrets route ladies and gents, y’all know what we mean… that makes us laugh in a different kinda way, normally before becoming quite aggravated. To make it clear, we’ll provide you all with an example …

Way back in 2010 during the This Is Us tour, you may recall that a few of us Noisy Girls met up in Cleveland, Ohio to hang out and to see the boys’ show. After the concert we decided to hang out near the tour buses and see if we could see the guys one last time. So we head over to where the tour buses would be and … what luck … there they were, the buses, out in the open, you could walk right up to them, which is just what we did. Now there was no one around and we were a bit sleep deprived, so we thought it would be cool to take pics with the boys bus, touch the boys bus, pretend to lick the boys bus, and one of us, who shall remain nameless but is definitely NOT me, decided to hump the boys bus. There is even photographic evidence of this. We all had a good laugh and the story would have been amusing enough at that but, unfortunately, it’s not over. We continued to wait for those damn Backstreet Boys while they were evidently having cake … without forks. You need forks to eat cake.  Naturally, that’s what a couple of the DANCERS ran over to THIER bus… The bus that SOMEONE mistakenly just humped thinking it was the boys. Oh dear…

Now our story doesn’t include any names because it didn’t really need any, but we did check with all the people involved to make sure it was cool with them before we shared it. So if you’d like to share your story with us and other fans, do us a favor and do the same. Check with your friends, especially if you’re gonna use their names, and make sure they’re ok with you sending the story. We don’t wanna have to take stories down because of complaints.

Now we don’t know when the next BSB event will be for this year, so for now, to get the ball rolling, we’ll take any stories you have from past BSB events. We’re hoping you’ll all help us out by sharing your experiences and spreading the word. We want people to think of us when these kind of moments happen. Sort of like a “Damn You Autocorrect” thing. Something funny happens on the tour or the cruise or any other event we want people to think “this is a Backstreet Noise Project moment”.

So do you have a funny BSB adventure? Send it to us at backstreetnoiseproject@yahoo.com  because what happens on tour (or cruise, event, small stalking expedition, lol) doesn’t have to STAY on tour… ;)