BSB 20th Anniversary Year Stories: Week 1

Ok so we had a bit a of a lull there with the past event stories but never fear .... We're back!!! And we all know there's got to be some amazing and hilarious stories out there from this past weekend. I mean, this is what we were waiting for people! The 20th anniversary year has officially begun! Were you at the fan event on Saturday? How about the Walk of Fame ceremony on Monday? Or maybe you were just watching from home? Well if you've got a funny story to share we're here to help. We wanna hear from you, so send your stories to backstreetnoiseproject@yahoo.com or post them on TDS and we'll share them with all our followers so we can all share in the laughs.

To get the ball rolling I (Dianne) will share with you some of the craziness that ensued at my BSB 20th anniversary fan event viewing party. My friends and I couldn't make it out to LA (plane tickets from Toronto to LA ain't cheap) so we decided to all get together, watch the stream together and have our own little celebration. Now, if you watched the live stream this won't be news to you but for those of you who didn't see it, boy did you miss some gems! The whole thing was on Backstreet Time to the EXTREME as the boys weren't actually out on stage until 2 HOURS after the stream was scheduled to start. As a result our "hosts" Jojo and Tammee had to kill time ... lots of time. It. Was. Horrible. Aside from the maybe 20 mins of Jojo interviewing the boys backstage, it was just pure torture. There are really no other words to describe it besides train wreck. But I digress (and getting to my point) it provided for some really funny moments. First off, our hosts spent quite a bit of time "interviewing" fans. Cue all of us screaming and basically loosing our minds every time we saw our friend and fellow Noisy Girl, Jen on the stream. It was as if we thought if we screamed "TURN AROUND!!" at the screen loud enough, she would somehow hear us in LA. It had to be an amusing site to see if nothing else. Then there were the other "interviews" (and I put that in quotations because they were just so stupid). We start out with Tammee interviewing the DJ, who will evidently also be on the cruise. Now frankly, I feel really sorry for this guy because they must have said his name like 10 times. We could not figure it out. Over the course of the night we referred to this man as "DJ Chewbacca" "DJ Chalupa" and of course our favorite, "The One Eyed DJ". Why one eyed you ask? Well when he first appeared on the screen, for some reason, Cinzia felt the need to ask, "Is that man missing an eyeball?" I don't know why she thought he was missing an eyeball but she did, and thus was born his new nickname. Now after Tammee interviewed the DJ they go to Jojo interviewing Christian the bartender. Why? Who knows. I don't think this guy even knew who the Backstreet Boys were. Then we cut back to Tammee interviewing some fans. Back to Jojo interviewing the boys (FINALLY!!) and then, because they hate us, back to Tammee interviewing guess who? Most of you know it ... Christian the bartender. WE JUST TALKED TO THIS GUY!!! He's a moron! He spent most of this interview trying to get Tammee drunk in what I can only assume was an attempt to go home with her. Now we're about to cut back to Jojo and just as they're about to do this Cinzia says "If he's interviewing The One Eyed DJ I'm gonna loose it" Cue Jojo and who is he talking to? That's right! The DJ!! I was literally almost on the ground laughing.

Alright, so there's my experience, now you gotta share yours!! We know you've got 'em so get to sending people! Let's get this Backstreet 20th Anniversary Party Train rolling!