Lyric Analyzation

Hey everyone V here! *waves*
Luz aka sorting and I decided to have an in depth look into BSB lyrics and try to figure out exactly what they mean! So.. lets look back at the things they've done... they were trying to be someone you know! lol

The Lyrics:
Get in elevators press emergency stop and make love on the floor 'til the camera made us
AJ – Poster Girl
What’s the deal:
It appears there may well be an AJ Mclean sex tape! Camp Mclean will be pleased!

The Lyrics:
I know you're in there, And you can make me wait, But I'm not gonna wait
Nick-Crawling Back to You

What's the Deal:
He has turned into a stalker and is about to break the door. Girl needs a res
training order ASAP.

The Lyrics:
Where are you?
(The girl at the beginning of the call)
What’s the deal:
To cut a long story short and avoid wasting a whole song explaining AJ and Nicks “destiny”… hes screwing someone else love

The Lyrics:
I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did As long as you love me.
Chorus – As long as you love me
What’s the deal:
Are you really sure about this?
1. WHO? She may be a psychopath
2. Where she’s from? Prison? The nut house? South America? Think bus tipping boys…
3. What she did? You don’t mind if she sadistically tortures kittens?
4. Many people love you, that don’t mean you have to sing this kind of silliness

The Lyrics:
“And how you got me blind is still a mystery”
Nick - As Long as You Love Me
What’s the deal:
Nick....? How did she get you blind? Well if you would like to take your hand off your penis I will explain exactly how you went blind my love…

The Lyrics:
You hit me faster than a shark attack; you saw my picture on the… Backstreet's back alright!
AJ- Don’t want you back
What’s the deal:
You hit someone faster than a shark attack? They fast then are they?And what about that next line? I saw your picture on a what? Side of a milk carton? Sex tape? Facebook?

The Lyrics:
Empty spaces fill me up with holes
What’s the deal:
Firstly AJ seems to think he is a Swiss cheese. Secondly holes don't have anything in them, so how can they fill anything up?

The Lyrics:
When you come back I won't be here, she said and gently pulled me near, if you want to talk you can call. And no it's not your fault
Brian – Siberia
What’s the deal:
We prefer Brian’s sound check version…. Everybody sing now: “When you come back I’ll grab your rear!” KINKY!

The Lyrics:
Cause knowing you are out there breathing is so wonderful
Chorus – Lose it all
What’s the deal:
BREATHING FTW! These boys appreciate the simple things in life.

The Lyrics:
He's just another playa, playing in the name of love
Chorus – Get another Boyfriend
What’s the deal:
And what exactly do you think you are doing propositioning someone’s girlfriend boys? *shakes head* playa!

The Lyrics:
Baby, you deserve much better, What’s the use in holding on?
Nick – More than that
What’s the deal:
They are after someone’s girlfriend… AGAIN!

The Lyrics:When you talk (when you talk) does it seem like he's not even listening to a word you say? That's okay babe, just tell me your problems I'll try my best to kiss them all away
Howie – All I have to give
Whats the deal:
The men of the world need to lock up their women because I’m sensing a rather disturbing pattern here. And even Howie’s doing it now!

The Lyrics:Living day by day, everything must change but in a way everything stays the same
Moving on
What’s the deal:
HUUUUUUUUUUH? My head hurts…

The Lyrics:

I played my part, kept you in the dark; now let me show you the shape of my heart
Chorus – Shape of my heart
What’s the deal:
You have kept her in the dark? Is she agoraphobic? Is this how all backstreet women have to live? I think you can turn the light on for her now, but I doubt after all this time she’s still there lol

The Lyrics:
I've got to catch a plane I won't buy a ticket
Nick - Weird world
What’s the deal:
Ok… surely even Nick hasn’t been this sheltered? Border control are gonna love you honey!

The Lyrics:
B is for beautiful as the sunshine.

E tells me everything is feeling alright
A goes to
U and me swinging it down
T is twoI want you
U got me acting like a fool
(Beautiful Woman)
What’s the deal:
Someone can’t spell beautiful

The Lyrics:Am I sexual? (Yeah)
Nick – Everybody (Backstreets back)
What’s the deal:
Come on… you telling me if this was Justin Bieber asking this and four guys say “yeah”, you wouldn’t laugh?

The Lyrics:
Wishing I can thank you in a different wayBrian – Larger than life
What’s the deal:
Apparently Brian wrote this song as a thank-you to the fans. There’s two ways we could take it He’d love to bang the better looking ones of us by way of thanks, OR you could hear it like I do, I mean Is it just me or does this line sound rather sinister?

The Lyrics:I get ruthless when I get wet.
AJ – We got it going on
What’s the deal:
This could mean one of two things… AJ gets horny in the bathtub (which is supposed to be romantic not ruthless)… Or AJ wets his pants whenever he sees a hot girl, not impressive AJ. Either way I think its best he stays dry for the foreseeable future.

The Lyrics:
Believe, when I say, I want it that way' 'Yes I know, it's too late, But I want it t
hat way ' 'I never wanna hear you say, I want it that way
What’s the deal:
What the heck do you want, guys? You want it that way; she wants it that way that much is clear. However you don't want to hear her say she wants it that way, what way?! Do you want it that way or not?! Infact what the f**k do you want exactly? Make up your minds!

The Lyrics:

Shorty ain't got cable, She don't even got a radio
Nick-She's A Dream
What's the deal:
Either Nick travelled in time to the prehistoric age, Shorty is homeless,
or she's making a fool out of him… all of these options are worrying.

The Lyrics:
Now listen, These are things Your mama shouldn’t know, These are things I really wanna show
Nick - If you Want it to be Good Girl
What's the Deal:
He is ready to reveal what is inside the coat, he is nude and is about to show his jewels. Yes that’s right girls your dreams have come true! Nicks a flasher! The problem is it sounds like the girl may be a minor.

The Lyrics:
I don't mean to drag it on, but I can't seem to let you go, I don't wanna make you face this world aloneAJ- Incomplete
What's the Deal:
Then stop talking about it. A little bit melodramatic too, perhaps she wants to be alone AJ and she’s sick of you keep talking… and talking… and talking… and talking

The Lyrics:
I'm a house of cards in a hurricane
Chorus – Helpless when she smiles
What’s the deal:
Are you suggesting you have finally met a woman who farts better than yo
u? I find this hard to believe

The Lyrics:

Keeping it inside is killing me
What's the Deal:
It's an alien trying to come out!!


Frick and Frack Investigation

We all know that the Backstreet Boys have a strong bond. Hell, they've been together for 17 years, you don't stick with people that long unless you REALLY like them. These guys are not just band mates, they're friends, some may even say best friends, in fact, they've even referred to each other as brothers. So we've got to imagine that these boys are about as close as bunch of boys can be right? But when does close become TOO close? When does the relationship go from bromance, to romance? Well here at the Backstreet Noise Project we have asked ourselves these questions many times and never came up with a definite answer. So we had our girl Sam (aka Sizzle) do a little bit of "research" on the 2 blondest and most hyper members of BSB, that's right, the original bromance, Frick and Frack. Here is what she came up with ...

Awww...look at them! They're such a cute couple...oh they're not? Just friends huh? Oh, well they make a nice couple. Ah yes, Brian and Nick, or Frick and Frack, or BRICK, or Cartrell, whatever you want to call them. Now looking at this picture would you think they were just friends? Yeah me either it has an "aww that's so cute" factor to it but sometimes I have to question those two. Way too many vids and pics of them touching, or hugging, or kissing, even having their hands in places that they shouldn't be. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. So lets study this duo shall we?
Okay, I'd like to turn your attention to some old interviews the boys had given. Before Leighanne came along, Brian described his perfect mate as someone who would play sports with him, wear his clothes and have long blonde hair...yeah dude that was NICK. Then during Nick's interview Brian proceeded to say that Nick's perfect mate is a female version of him. No wonder they're the top pairing for slash fics (don't ask me how I know that, I just know).
You just have ask yourself sometimes about those two, especially when they're molesting each other in front of the camera. Yeah you ever see that? Its mostly Brian who can't keep his hands off Nick, but then again who can? Other times they're giving each other secret looks and smiling at each other, goofing off.
Getting back to the slash pairings, have you noticed that? Brian and Nick are one of the top pairings besides Nick and Kevin, and Brian and AJ, *gasp* BSB swapping! Bad bad! Yes, I'll admit to having read one or two slash stories in my day. *looks around* Don't believe what the other girls tell you by the way, they're usually the tragic lovers who are forced to keep their secret from the wrath of dun dun dun *gasp* KEVIN! If he finds out then he's usually a complete douche about everything and tries to kill Nick for "corrupting" his cousin. You know what Kevin? Shut up okay? Not to mention all their sex scenes are usually very intense, can two guys really do missionary? How exactly do you work out the mechanics? Other fan fics usually have Nick as a tragic hero with Brian as his guardian angel or his voice of reason. Brian is always getting him out of jams, helping him out with his problems, sitting besides one of his NUMEROUS bedsides crying for him because Nick is dying of some sort of disease, diseases which I don't think have even exist or they're far from being discovered by modern medicine. How the hell does that boy get so sick?!
Okay, sorry, now I've just been kidding. I'm a HUGE Frick and Frack girl, I love them so much (the slash stories are very nice actually)! When a new Frick and Frack capture comes out I just can't wait to see it because they really are a cute match. Don't take my word for it, just see for yourself, type Frick and Frack in any picture search and I bet you they'll come up, now if only they would wear the hats again...


BSBuddies: Reunited

Lovers of the Noise, it's been about 5 months since the BSBuddies have been separated. Some traveled to different countries, others just to different states, and during that time some truly wonderful and hilarious moments have occurred. Yet there was also some sadness due to the fact that the boys missed each other dearly. They were used to being together all the time and now they were separated by miles and miles and in AJ's case, an ocean. And then, on August 26th, that all changed. As you all know the Noisy Girls traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to see the REAL Backstreet Boys in concert. Well, it wasn't
just a Noisy reunion, the buddies came too!!

We know what you're thinking. All the Noisy Girls + all the BSBuddies in one room?? Well, that wasn't EXACTLY the case. Thanks to some evil employers Fearless Leader (aka Beth) couldn't make it and unfortunately that meant that BSBuddies Nick & Kevin had to stay in Massachusetts as well. Now Howie was SUPPOSED to come, but SOMEONE *cough* Jen *cough cough* conveniently "forgot" him. But Brian and AJ were there and ... well ... we've captured their reunion on camera ... take a look at this ...

♪ reunited and it feels so gooooooooooddddd ♪

Isn't that just beautiful??

So AJ and Brian were reunited and after a night of catching up, they join the Noisy Girls at the concert ...

Brian just couldn't resist getting up on stage.

And if Brian's doing it, then AJ's gotta do it too!

Those are some fancy moves aren't they? Let's see the real Backstreet Boys try that one!!

A little pre-show photo op with V and D ... what's good for the goose is good for the gander!

♪ we both are so excited 'cause we're ... reunited hey hey ♪

Ummm, yaaaaa ... maybe a little TOO excited there! What happens on tour stays on tour ... hopefully!!

Well there you have it folks, a small glimpse into AJ and Brian's time in Cleveland. Now the rest of the trip went very well, AJ and Brian spent some good quality time together. But, when it was time to go home ... well ... there was a bit of a mix up ... we're not quite sure how it happened but ...

Yup! Seems AJ went home with Di and Brian went home with Vic. What will happen now? Well, Brian sustained a slight decapitation on the way to London (damn luggage people!!). But we're working on getting that corrected and having more BRAND NEW BSBuddies stuff for you with Brian in London and AJ in Toronto. So what should you do?? .... that's right!! ... stay tuned!!


Noisys on Ice

Presenting ... dum duh duh daaaaa!!

The first official episode of The Noisy Corner!!! It's called Noisy Girls on Ice ... and ... well we won't spoil it for you ... just watch it >>>>

Didja love it?!?! We definitely loved making it, and if you don't think we are COMPLETELY insane at this point and would like to see more ... well ... you know what to do ... keep your eyes on this spot ... there'll be more episodes and more fun stuff to come!! =)


Holy Brian's Birthday Batman!

Somewhere in Gotham City, beneath the gloom and the doom (and a LOT of pollution), there is one mythical cave that houses the hero's of the city... and something has gone hideously wrong...

Kevin/Alfred: *Runs into room* Batman! Batman! I was tending to the lawn again and someone stole your scarf!

Brian/Batman: MY SCARF?!

Kevin/Alfred: I'm sorry but I didn't get to finish counting the grass yesterday, I had to start all over again!

Brian/Batman: Forget about that! My scarf is gone?!

Kevin/Alfred: Yes, I'm sorry. Let me make it up to you, I can get tickets to Chicago!

Brian/Batman: I'm a fabulously wealthy millionaire, but for some strange reason I only have one scarf! Nothing can make up for losing my Wylee scarf, Alfred!

Kevin/Alfred: Really? You're kidding me right?

Brian/Batman: ROBIN! ROBIN!

Nick/Robin: *runs in* I was playing video games when I heard yelling... What's going on?


Kevin/Alfred: Oh for god sakes it's a SCARF!

Nick/Robin: *Slides down Bat Pole*

Brian/Batman: My ensemble is incomplete!

Kevin/Alfred: Incomplete? Sounds like a song title

Nick/Robin: Holy neck scarf Batman! WHO could have done such a thing?

Brian/Batman: Hmmmm... That Falafel guy was looking at me funny yesterday... And that newspaper delivery guy is cleverly disguised as an 8 year old boy...

Kevin/Alfred: I would chalk it up to the Riddler

Brian/Batman: The Riddler? Huh? So not the Falafel guy?

Kevin/Alfred: NO

Nick/Robin: *Gasp* Not the Riddler!

Brian/Batman: The Pizza guy?

Kevin/Alfred: Maybe even the Penguin!

Brian/Batman: How about my broker?

Kevin/Alfred: How the hell did you guys get this job?

Nick/Robin: The Penguin! *gasps*

Brian/Batman: Oh. Right. actual villains...WHAT A DASTARDLY DEED!

Kevin/Alfred: Maybe even you know who... HER... CATWOMAN!

Nick/Robin: Come to think of it... I saw a cat in here earlier!

Brian/Batman: So what should we do?

Kevin/Alfred: I would say go and get your damn scarf!

Brian/Batman: We should go battle the hot woman in leather, the short guy and the man in green spandex?

Kevin/Alfred: Uh yeah! That would be good!

Brian/Batman: What if we just pray for them instead?

Kevin/Alfred: NO!

Brian/Batman: Send them all happy vibes?

Kevin/Alfred: Seriously, in all honesty HOW did you get this job?

Brian/Batman: Ummm... I'm rich and hot. ROBIN! TO THE BATMOBILE!

Nick/Robin: *Does karate moves* I'm ready Batman!

Kevin/Alfred: About time Doofusmonkies!

Brian/Batman: Robin, remind me to fire him! *Bolts for Batcave stairs to Batmobile*

Nick/Robin: *Jumps into Batmobile*

Meanwhile somewhere across town in an evil lair...

Howie/Penguin: *smokes cigar*

AJ/Riddler: So, now that we have the scarf, what are we gonna do with it? Riddle me THAT!

Howie/Penguin: I think we should put it on Ebay, sell it to the highest bidder.

Leighanne/Catwoman: NO! I mean... we can keep it and embrace it. We can hump it! *smiles*

AJ/Riddler: *Tugs on crotch of skin tight suit* Whose bright idea was it for me to wear this f**kin' thing?

Howie/Penguin: No we are NOT going to hump it Catwoman. Riddler, it was your choice to wear it, it's not my fault you look like a cucumber!

AJ/Riddler: Penguin... Why don't you go waddle off a bridge or something?

Leighanne/Catwoman: *hisses* Now THAT'S an incredible idea Riddler.

Howie/Penguin: *Shakes head*

AJ/Riddler: OK... Back to the scarf... Ebay... *rubs hands together* We could make MILLIONS!!!

Leighanne/Catwoman: *Talks through teeth* You won't, but I will. MUST HUMP IT!

Howie/Penguin: I want money, lots of money. I can buy a new hotel!

AJ/Riddler: If we Ebay it, we can get a nice new evil light with a question mark in it to overshadow the Batman symbol.

Howie/Penguin: Yeah, and make lots of money! *grins*

Leighanne/Catwoman: I think we should keep it. I could wear it for you guys. NOTHING BUT THE SCARF! *Blinks seductively and licks lips*

Howie/Penguin: Well it's better than looking at this cucumber here I guess *Winks*

AJ/Riddler: Catwoman... We are NOT keeping the damn scarf!!! Just think, we can sell this one and you can buy MORE scarves with you cut of the money!

Leighanne/Catwoman: But it goes so well with two of my 3456 purses... *pouts*

AJ/Riddler: Hey YOU! You in the black and white tuxedo! Who are you again? *looks at Howie/Penguin*

Howie/Penguin: THE PENGUIN! Evil mastermind behind this evil plan... Remember?!

AJ/Riddler: Oh right.. Well, why don't you start the Ebay account and we get rid of this f**kin' thing before Catwoman stains it like Monica Lewinsky's dress!

Leighanne/Catwoman: Uh... EEEEWWW! I'll be wearing my underwear while I hump it!

AJ/Riddler: Mmmhmmmm... I've never seen panty lines in that suit. Believe me, I've checked you out...

Howie/Penguin: Just DON'T de-value it!

Leighanne/Catwoman: Look, here's the thing, it's just a scarf! Lets just keep it and maybe we can steal something else from the Batcave?! That Robin dude has some kick ass video games and a karaoke machine... *Purrs*

Outside the evil lair...

Nick/Robin: No Batman... I think you need to make a LEFT on 5th Avenue...

Brian/Batman: Robin! We have arrived at the impenetrable fortress of evil! OH. that was a left?

Kevin/Alfred: You don't have a GPS? What kind of millionaire ARE you?

Brian/Batman: Wait... this is Starbucks

Nick/Robin: Can I have coffee?

Kevin/Alfred: No coffee.

Nick/Robin: PLEASE???

Brian/Batman: Alfred! How often must we talk about you stowing away in the trunk?! Robin, you can have some bird seed later.

Kevin/Alfred: Counting grass gets lonely

Nick/Robin: Bird seed? Is that like Wheatgrass?

Brian/Batman: CHIRP!

Kevin/Alfred: Will you STOP with that! Believe it or not, no one finds that cute!


Kevin/Alfred: Oh geeze!

Brian/Batman: Is this an evil warehouse? Gas station? Where are we?

Kevin/Alfred: I told you to buy the GPS when you got this thing!

Brian/Batman: Robin, use your mighty hyperactive skills to assess the situation!

Nick/Robin: I'll run around the block and check it out!

Kevin/Alfred: So... You ever seen Chicago?

Brian/Batman: No... I will read from the bible while Robin is gone, so we are all inspired! *smiles*

Kevin/Alfred: Even though you read it this morning?

Brian/Batman: And you had tea this morning. What about it? Now I've been wondering... Does a butler buttle or butle?

Kevin/Alfred: *Shouts to Robin* Hurry it up bird boy!

Nick/Robin: *Comes back out of breath* It's... 2 blocks... left... no right... wait... which one is which again?

Brian/Batman: Its left, right?

Nick/Robin: *Looks at hands ... puts L up to forehead* Yeah left

Brian/Batman: Right, left?

Nick/Robin: No... left, RIGHT?

Kevin/Alfred: No right is not left

Brian/Batman: Right, a right then a left... *turns wheel* Two lefts don't make a right?!

Kevin/Alfred: Actually they do

Nick/Robin: 2 lefts, then a right?

Brian/Batman: Wait, two wrongs don't make a right, RIGHT?


Brian/Batman: Who's on first?

Nick/Robin: What?

Kevin/Alfred: Don't even start with that again ... I was ready to shoot you both the first time!

Nick/Robin: There it is!!!

Brian/Batman: Ah HAA! An eeevil, impenetrable lair! Should we repel through the skylight? Through in bat shaped gas bombs?

Nick/Robin: Oooohhh! Ya! Let's do that!

Kevin/Alfred: Why don't you try the door?

Brian/Batman: And then we can use the bat-erangs! ... The what?

Nick/Robin: The "door"?

Brian/Batman: The ... door? *looks at Robin* Huh? What do you with it?

Kevin/Alfred: THE DOOR! It's a hole in the wall you can walk through ... I really want to know how I didn't get to be Batman.

Nick/Robin: A hole? Where?? *starts scaling the building*

Brian/Batman: Can we throw bat shaped gas bombs through it?

Kevin/Alfred: Sure, why not ...

Brian/Batman: YAY!

Kevin/Alfred: *rolls eyes*

Nick/Robin: I can't find the hole Batman ...

Brian/Batman: Robin, to the "door"! This seems to be an oddly place piece of wood ... We turn it, and it opens?

Nick/Robin: So I just turn this handle?

Kevin/Alfred: Yes ... very good

Nick/Robin: *slowly pushes door open*

Brian/Batman: Wow. *steps back to avoid booby traps* *GASP!* Holy darkness, Robin! Villains!

Howie/Penguin: Curses! Our evil plot has been foiled! Its the Batman! And his boyfriend!

Brian/Batman: Dude, not my boyfriend. Sidekick.

Kevin/Alfred: Yeah right.

Nick/Robin: Ah ha! ... It is Penguin ... and The Riddler ... and ... oh no! ... Catwoman!

Leighanne/Catwoman: Did he really need to bring the boyfriend? Gosh...

Brian/Batman: SIDEKICK!

Kevin/Alfred: Uh huh, you tell yourself that.


AJ/Riddler: It's a little man in a rubber suit and a tall guy in tights with his underwear on the outside! What SHALL we do??

Nick/Robin: Hey, hey, hey ... I'll have you know I'm going commando!

Kevin/Alfred: Eww!

Brian/Batman: I AM HERE WITH MY TRUSTY SIDEKICK TO CLAIM MY SCARF! *to Robin* Dude. You aren't helping.

AJ/Riddler: It's too late! We have already shipped your scarf out to the highest bidder!! Mwhahahahahaha!!!

Howie/Penguin: Mwhahahahaha! Catwoman ... entertain our friends here.

Leighanne/Catwoman: I sure will Penguin, maybe one of them might enjoy some whip and a shirt with my face on it.

Brian/Batman: MY SCARF!

Nick/Robin: Give us the scarf, or else ... HIIIII-YA *does karate moves*

Kevin/Alfred: I don't get why you're so protective of an ugly ass scarf?

Brian/Batman: UGLY? IT STANDS FOR ALL THINGS MORAL AND GOOD--and 100% cotton, you can get yours at ...

AJ/Riddler: Riddle me this ... how long have you guys been a couple??

Brian/Batman: Dude, stop acting so gay--I want my scarf back!

Nick/Robin: Gay? ... He's the gay one! *points to Penguin*

Kevin/Alfred: Knew it!

Howie/Penguin: I AM NOT GAY! How dare you!

Nick/Robin: Suuurrrrreee!

Brian/Batman: Who angered the short kid?

Kevin/Alfred: Yeah, and if he's a Penguin shouldn't he be somewhere cold? Don't want the little fellow to melt.

Howie/Penguin: You two come in here dressed like that and say I'M gay?

Brian/Batman: NOW MY SIDEKICK AND I SHALL RIGHTEOUSLY KICK YOUR BUTTS! ... Go ahead Robin ... Kick their butts!

Nick/Robin: *BLAM!* *POW!*

Brian/Batman: *BAM!*

Kevin/Alfred: Why am I here again? Ooh look ceiling tiles 1...2...3...

Nick/Robin: *KABAM!*

AJ/Riddler: *KABOOM!*

Howie/Penguin: *Pow!*

Brian/Batman: *FART* Oh ...'scuse me.

Howie/Penguin: Awww, that stinks, what's wrong with you?

Brian/Batman: Bat gas.

Nick/Robin: Hahahahahaha! Batman farted!! *starts rolling on the ground*

Leighanne/Catwoman: Farting boy, that was nasty but I'd still rub my latex all ovah you. *holds whip*

Brian/Batman: Oooooh.

Kevin/Alfred: 10...11...12, this place has ALOT of ceiling tiles.

Leighanne/Catwoman: Don't mind them, why don't you and I go over there and share some spanking? You like that dont ya?

Brian/Batman: Oh, spanking? Excuse me Robin, I must go be distracted by--er--defeat this evil feline ... yummmy ... mmmm.

Nick/Robin: He farted!! *still rolling*

AJ/Riddler: *whispers to Penguin* Let's grab giggling boy and kidnap him while the stink gas is distracting them.

Howie/Penguin: *sneaks up and ties scarf around Robins head*

Nick/Robin: Help!! I can't see! Batman!!

Brian/Batman: Ooh, I dunno, never thought about--ROBIN!

Leighanne/Catwoman: That's not so interesting ... look!! I can also show you some really awesome handbags.

Brian/Batman: Handbags, you say?

Howie/Penguin: *to Riddler* Lets get him and the scarf up stairs.

Leighanne/Catwoman: We can run away, you me and the scarf.

Brian/Batman: Are they wholesale marketable?

Kevin/Alfred: Oh come on, don't take him. Then who's going to hold Batman when he cries? Not me!

AJ/Riddler: *grabs laughing boy and hauls him upstairs*

Nick/Robin: You'll all be sorry!

Brian/Batman: Wait, I need to ask my sidekick before I make any financial decisions ... Robin? *glances around* Robin?

Leighanne/Catwoman: What? Dude, I'm offering you sex, Robin can't even find the hole, I CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY!

Nick/Robin: Nooo!! Just. Let. Me. Get. My. Hands. Untied!

Brian/Batman: Tied? Damn, this girl is kinky. Wait, TIED?!! Robin, I will SAVE you!

Nick/Robin: GAH!! I made the knot worse!

AJ/Riddler: Dumbass ... quit squirming!

Howie/Penguin: No, you can't have Robin! I'm going to sell him on Ebay!

Nick/Robin: Ebay?!? But LD ... they'll find me!

Brian/Batman: Robin, oh Robin, you always stuck around while I was acting the clown. *sobs* I. Must. Summon. Inner. Strength.

AJ/Riddler: OOOO. there's an idea! As soon as the teeny fangirls know we have him, we could really make a bundle! They love this freaky sidekick for some reason.

Howie/Penguin: What do you think? ... $1 million? ... $2 million?

Brian/Batman: I will overcome this obstacle!

Kevin/Alfred: Please don't take him! You know how embarassing it is to hold a grown man while he cries? In a costume no less?Damn!

Brian/Batman: I will give a grandiose speech!

Leighanne/Catwoman: I.Must.Finish.Gay.Couple

Kevin/Alfred: See now he's going to talk ... you don't want that.

Brian/Batman: I will--damn, I will get my butt moving! Never fear, Robin!

Nick/Robin: Hey do you guys have any coffee?

Kevin/Alfred: No coffee for him!

Howie/Penguin: Maybe $3 million, I could use a new hotel.

AJ/Riddler: *smacks Robin upside the head* I think NOT!

Howie/Penguin: Don't hit him you cucumber!

AJ/Riddler: Damn!! Sorry about that ...*readjusts self*... And don't call me a cucumber damnit!! It's the last villian suit they had left!!

Nick/Robin: What's that shiny thing?

Brian/Batman: Catwoman, forsake your evil ways--and I will buy you a Dolce handbag!

Kevin/Alfred: I really want to know how they got this job.

Leighanne/Catwoman: A DOLCE?? YES!!! NO!!!

Brian/Batman: You know you waaaaant it. You haaaave to haaave ittt!

Kevin/Alfred: Seriously, I would SO make a better Batman.

Leighanne/Catwoman: NO!! I want the SCARF! I'll use the whip on you!!

Nick/Robin: It shinnnneeesss ... and gloooowwwwsss ... sooo pretttyyyy.

Howie/Penguin: What's the matter with this kid?

AJ/Riddler: He's blonde ... 'nuff said!

Leighanne/Catwoman: But it IS a Dolce I mean...*scratchs head*

Brian/Batman: Catwoman, I will start a handbag company WITH you! And that's my final offer!

Leighanne/Catwoman: A handbag company?? *daydreams* AND we could sell shirts with my face on them!!

Kevin/Alfred: Or maybe I could be a good Spiderman ...

Leighanne/Catwoman: The Riddler would SO wear them!

Brian/Batman: Done! Now, on to the next villain!

Kevin/Alfred: Superman ... I would make a damn fine Superman!

Nick/Robin: Hey ... can we turn the football game on?

Howie/Penguin: Do you want to use my Ebay account or yours Riddler?

AJ/Riddler: Ummmm ... yours ... I don't wear that funky ass shit!!

Brian/Batman: HEY RIDDLER!

Nick/Robin: BATMAN!

Howie/Penguin: Shut it! *punches Robin in eye*

AJ/Riddler: So we finally meet Batman.

Nick/Robin: OW!! My eye!! Batman!! He hit me in the eye!


Kevin/Alfred: Anyone think I'd make a good Superman?

AJ/Riddler: OMG OMG OMG ...*thinks really hard*... I ... CAN'T... REMEMBERRRRRRRRRR!!! *sinks down, rocks back and forth sucking thumb*

Brian/Batman: Ah HA! Penguin!

Howie/Penguin: *starts typing prices into Ebay* Yes?

Brian/Batman: I have defeated/bribed all your cohorts! I want my bird brained friend back!

Kevin/Alfred: Or no wait! I can be The Green Lantern ... yeah ...

Howie/Penguin: *points to Alfred* Batman ... didn't he leave years ago?

Kevin/Alfred: Bird brained is a good way to describe him ... Hey!

Brian/Batman: I just keep hiring guys named Alfred *shrugs* I like the name.

Howie/Penguin: Oh, is that a finacially wise decision?

Brian/Batman: Financially ... hmmm.... well, he is snarky. And insubordinate.

Kevin/Alfred: And can kick your ass.

Brian/Batman: See? But this Alfred was actually my cousin, because I cleared out the butler's agency of Alfreds.

Nick/Robin: This Alfred is bossy!

Howie/Penguin: Anyway ... Mwhahahahaha! I have Robin! What are you going to do about it?

Brian/Batman: I'm going to ...

Nick/Robin: I'm just gonna admit it ... I have a man crush on Brett Farve!

Kevin/Alfred: Really? Because from the sounds coming from the Batcave, I thought Batman was your man crush.

Nick/Robin: No, no! Batman and I are just bffs ... he's my shawty ... or wait ... maybe I'm his?

Howie/Penguin: Shut it kid!

Brian/Batman: Hmm. I'm going to think this through thoroughly.

AJ/Riddler: *takes thumb outta mouth* YOU'RE TOO TALL TO BE SHAWTY DUMBASS!! *sticks thumb back in mouth and continues to rock*

Nick/Robin: You're right Riddler ... he's definitely my shawty!

Kevin/Alfred: What other superheros could I be?

Brian/Batman: Well, your friends weren't all that tough to defeat ... and my friend's not all that bright ... What if we solve this amicably?

Howie/Penguin: Do you have any money? Can you pay me more than Ebay for him?

Nick/Robin: No!! Just punch him Batman!

Brian/Batman: *takes out batcheckbook* What'd ya want for 'im?

Howie/Penguin: Well you know your bat cave?

Brian/Batman: Yes, I'm quite fond of -- hey, you aren't supposed to know about THAT!

Kevin/Alfred: Wonder Woman? ... I could pull off a skirt pretty well.

Nick/Robin: *falls asleep*

Howie/Penguin: If you let me double your rent we could have a deal.

AJ/Riddler: *takes thumb outta mouth again* Throw in my porn collection if it will help! *sticks thumb back in mouth*

Brian/Batman: Double the rent ...

Howie/Penguin: Yes, double.

Brian/Batman: Including utilities? Because the heat ain't cheap.

Howie/Penguin: *considers*

Brian/Batman: And this one over here likes to flush the toilet while you're in the shower, so the water isn't low either.

Nick/Robin: *wakes up* Boobies!!! ... I mean ... what?

Kevin/Alfred: Why am I here? I have grass to count!

Brian/Batman: I can double the rent, not the utilities.

Howie/Penguin: You know what ... its a deal! I'll only double the rent, just get Alfred outta here he scares me!

Nick/Robin: It's the eyebrows right?

Howie/Penguin: Yeah ... and the rambling.

AJ/Riddler: *chants* Scary eyebrows ... but I think I'm gonna miss him ...

Kevin/Alfred: Didn't someone tell you to waddle off a bridge a while ago? Go do it!

Brian/Batman: Now, about the leaky faucet ... it drips a lot. Can you fix that? Also, Robin broke a door.

Nick/Robin: It was an accident!!

Brian/Batman: That needs repairing. So I'll need to deduct that ...*takes out bat calculator*

Howie/Penguin: Well I'm not fixing anything thats taking the piss!

Nick/Robin: Hahahahahaha! ... He said piss!

Brian/Batman: Not fixing?

Howie/Penguin: No ... fixing ... that costs money.

Brian/Batman: Well, I'm gonna want money off for that ... I mean, bat shaped doors aren't cheap ... neither is renter's insurance for caves.

Kevin/Alfred: Neither is cleaning the damn place

Brian/Batman: You should see the policy I have to carry just to let the blond one run around!

Kevin/Alfred: I told you about the padded walls, you said no!

Howie/Penguin: Yeah, but what about the damage you have done to the driveway?

Brian/Batman: Driveway? Oh. Yeah, he likes to burn out. Okay, so I'll give on the driveway, if you'll fix the door.

Howie/Penguin: Look just take Alfred and Robin and GO! I'm not parting with any money.

Nick/Robin: Can someone untie me? I haven't tweeted in hours!!!

Brian/Batman: I'M COMING ROBIN! *runs to untie Robin* Robin, to the "door"!

AJ/Riddler: *peeks thru fingers* Are they gone yet?

Nick/Robin: *starts kicking the rocking Riddler* hehehehehe!

Howie/Penguin: Hey!!!

Kevin/Alfred: Alright lets go ...

Nick/Robin: TO THE DOOR!

AJ/Riddler: You're just lucky you aren't dressed in a furry tiger suit bird boy!!

Brian/Batman:*runs away, cape billowing behind ... theme plays*

Kevin/Alfred: Weirdo.

Howie/Penguin: I'll get you next time Batman and your boyfriend! Mwhahahahahaha!!

AJ/Riddler: Yeah! What the gay guy in the tuxedo said!!

Nick/Robin: WE'RE PARTNERS!! *slams into batmobile* OW!

Back in the Bat Cave ...

Brian/Batman: Robin, we saved you, and now, we just need to get my scarf off Ebay!

Nick/Robin: Ok, no problem Batman! *types feverishly*

Kevin/Alfred: Finally! Now I can get back to my grass counting.

Brian/Batman: I think there's just one thing left to say...

Nick/Robin: Can we have Jello now??

Brian/Batman: Jello?