And So It Begins ...

… the start of a new tour. Our heroes the Backstreet Boys and their dads … errrr … boy band comrades New Kids On The Block are about to embark on a tour of epic proportions. But with great tour, comes great responsibility. The pressure is on for all of these not so young lads to be the best they can be.

And all the fans across the lands … and by lands of course I mean generations as the mega man band only plans to tour North America and I’m pretty sure some of the New Kids fans are grandmothers … but I digress … all those fans are excitedly waiting and hoping. Hoping that Nick will finally see them across the stadium and they’ll fall in love and run away together … hoping that they won’t trip over their heels causing total embarrassment … hoping they won’t have to punch one of those Blockhead grandmothers square in the nose.

Yes, the anticipation of a new tour can be the cause of great stress. But in case you forgot what it’s all really about, the Noisy Girls present to you … Memories …

That’s right folks … it’s about FUN. So no matter if you’re on the Penis Stage or just watching in awe from below … have as much fun as possible and just enjoy the moment!


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