A Noisy Gift

Hello Noisy Followers! Dianne here on behalf of the Noisy Girls.

It's cruise time!!! Whooo hooooo!!! Oh, you're not going? Hmm, neither are most of us. Jen and the Sorting Hat (Chels & Luz) will be there though. So if you are going, feel free to stalk them ... errr ... I mean ... track them down and say hi! lol

I've got some good news though. With Christmas approaching The Backstreet Noise Project would like to give all you non-cruisers a gift! A little something to warm your heart as you go about your non-BSB filled day in potentially freezing cold weather. No, it won't be Nick underneath your tree with a shiny red bow on his forehead. And it won't be AJ jammed into your stocking. And the postal service told us we are not allowed to mail Brian to you ... he makes too much noise inside the box. And Howie ... well ... if you really want Howie we could probably get him to you ... just send us your address and he'll run right over. But back to the actual gift ... we Noisy Girls will write and/or come up with anything you'd like for the blog AND we'll dedicate it to you. That's right! You tell us what you want and not only will we do it, but we'll make sure we stick your name right up there with it. Can you imagine it? Your name on the BN blog!! All lit up for everyone to see!! .... Too much? Alright I'll tone it down. But you get the idea ... so leave your comment here, or hit us up on TDS or Twitter with your idea and will try our best to get them all up before the holidays.

All requests MUST be in before next week!! That's Monday, December 13th! (We need time to write them) And while we'll try our best to fulfill your every desire, let's try to keep the requests reasonable. I know we're awesome but ... we're also human! (Well, I'm a super-human ninja, but I still have a few limits)

So happy cruising to all you cruisers!! And when you get back, we will hopefully have some treats for your reading pleasure. As for the rest of you, you may start requesting ........................ NOW!!

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