Backstreet Bunnies - Part 4

Candidate #3 (aka AJ) is certainly ... interesting. He seems like a nice enough guy though. Well ladies and gents ... we're down to our final Candidate ...

Candidate #4

Name: Nick Carter

DOB: January 28, 1980


Height: 6ft1

Experience: Hot guy in The Backstreet Boys/Actor/Director/All round sex magnet

Why do you think you would make a good Easter bunny and why do you want this role? I wouldn’t make a good Easter Bunny, I would make an AWESOME Easter Bunny! I want to do it because I would be so much better at it than Howie, he’s a one trick pony, all he does is wink.

What does Easter mean to you? Chocolate Eggs and CANDY! The bible and stuff too... Brian reads me the stories at night sometimes, they put me to sleep real quick.

How many carrots do you eat in a week? Too many, I get really bad gas on this macrobiotic diet.

Are you physically able to hop for long periods of time? Yeah totally! I can dance for hours too! I can also stick my hand down my pants while singing "She's A Dream"

Would you hyperventilate when put in a confining costume? Possibly, depends if I have bad gas.

Do you own your own Easter basket, or you need one provided? What’s an Easter basket?

Would you be prepared to sign a disclaimer absolving us of responsibility if you are violently assaulted by young children? Sure, Baylee does it to me all the time, I'm sure Leighanne tells him to do it.

Have you any prior experience as an animal? No but I have a dog... I pretend to bark at him sometimes, I do it real good! Also, someone tried making me an escape-goat once. OH And I have a pussy, I showed everyone on webchat once! I have this covered.

Do you have a criminal record? I er... well... I may have accidentally driven a car after a few drinks. I did get arrested for loitering, but the rumor about me exposing myself in public at the time was totally false.

How many eggs can you paint in an hour? One Thousand

Please provide a reference: Brian Littrell: My BFF. (I will give you his number)

Any further information: Do you think too much chocolate would kill you? I will make the Bunny costume look sexy, I hope that’s not a problem. Oh and can I eat the Eggs from the Easter Egg hunt that the kids don't find? I also don't work unless refreshments are put out, I want salad and wheatgrass. I’m also going to need a vent hole in the ass of the costume because of lunch.

Well there you have it, all 4 Easter Bunny Candidates! Who would YOU choose? Be sure to leave us a comment with your choice. Or you can hit us up on Twitter or TDS (links are at the top of the page). Thanks for reading!!

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