My Evil Twin by Jen AKA Momma J

I know it's a dream for thousands...and it happened to me. It happened early one chilly morning, August 14, 2007, to be precise.

One Nickolas Gene Carter was at a radio station with Howie, doing an Unbreakable interview.

Now mind you, not very many things in this life can turn me instantly into a 12 year old pre-puberty teenie like just the sight of Nick can do. But yes, there I was, all alone, and seen him walking down the stairs.

At this point I became aware of the little voice ringing in my head. There he is!! it said to me. I think I even answered, aloud, with I know!!. If anyone gave me weird look, I wouldn't have had a clue...after all, Nick Freakin' CARTER was like 20 feet away from me at this point..does anything around you but him really exist when this happens? No? I didn't think so.

But anyways, he comes out of the building and every girl there, about 20-25 of us, rush the poor man.

Poor Howie gets NO love...I still love you tho Howie!!

Ok..off track again, but anyways, I calmly wait my turn and its finally arrived. I ask him to sign my comic book..he does...I stood there just gawkin' at the beauty of the man when I finally found my voice again I had asked for a hug.

The answer was like music to my ears..."Sure sweetie," he says to me.
Fine Nick, KILL me before I get the damn hug from you..I think to myself. It was then the other voice inside my head really awakened...

Evil Jen: OOOOOO will ya just LOOK at that hottie!!
Good Jen: Yes, he's very handsome indeed!
Evil Jen: See what I did for you? I got you to ask for a hug! And here it comes!
Good Jen: I knowwww! Omg! What do I do? What do I doooo??
Evil Jen: Reach back and pinch his ass!!
Good Jen: No!! I could NEVER do that!
Evil Jen: You are SUCH a goodie goodie two shoes!
Good Jen: Shut UP you! OMG! Hes hugging me!!!!
Evil Jen: NOW!! NOW!! Pinch the ass! Pinch the ass!!!

*pause cuz both Jens are in pure, blissful heaven right now.....



Good Jen: Ok..time to let go of the tall, cute blond guy now....
Evil Jen: NOOOOOO!!! Can't we take him home!?!
Good Jen: I wish we could, but no, he has to go on and make beautiful music with the rest of the boys for us to enjoy.
Evil Jen: NOOOOOO!!! Hes miiiiiiiiiine!! Let's just drag him back to the car and take him home..no one will notice!!
Good Jen: Ok..doooooooown girl..step away from the Backstreet boy.
Evil Jen: Coward! The man had his loooong, lanky, warm, hard, sweet bod pressed up against you and all you do is STAND there?! WTF!!?!?!
Good Jen: *sigh*

So, with that, my advice to all you that ever have the very fortunate experience of getting a hug from your favorite BSB, watch out!!! That evil twin is lurkin' about in your head somewhere and she will try to get you in trouble, or hell, even arrested! So beware! Don't listen! Resist! Resist! Resist the urge to listen to her, cuz by damned, you will want to!

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