Backstreet Bunnies

It's Easter!! Spring has sprung, love is in the air, everyone is hopped up on chocolate, and it's only another month 'till the NKOTBSB tour!! Good times all around! Well, good times for everyone except the Easter Bunny. You see ... he had a little incident with a carrot and ... well ... suffice to say he won't be able to perform his regular Easterly duties. Lucky for him we have 4 excellent candidates ready to fill in for him! Check back every day for the next 4 days to see all of the applications and then decide ... Which Backstreet Boy would make the best Easter Bunny?

Candidate #1

Name: Brian Thomas Littrell

DOB: February 20th, 1975

Sex: Sometimes, only when my wife lets me though

Height: I'm as tall as I feel...okay fine, I'm short but if I get on Nick's back I'm a lot taller!

Experience: Entertainer, Singer/Performer, Christian, Husband/Father, Dog Owner

Why do you think you would make a good Easter bunny and why do you want this role? Well my wife thinks I would look cute as a bunny, and my son would enjoy it too, plus if I do say so myself I look pretty darn good in pink!

What does Easter mean to you? Jesus lives! Put your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care!

How many carrots do you eat in a week? I usually only eat them when my wife tells me to

Are you physically able to hop for long periods of time? Well I usually hop on Nick's back for a piggy back ride, I have lots of energy in me, speaking of which is it time for my Ritalin yet?

Would you hyperventilate when put in a confining costume? I don't think so? Leighanne! Would I hyperventilate when in a confining costume? No? My wife says no, so no it is

Do you own your own Easter basket, or you need one provided? Oh I have plenty of Easter baskets, actually that's part of my wife's new line of purses, Wylee, the Easter collection

Would you be prepared to sign a disclaimer absolving us of responsibility if you are violently assaulted by young children? I don't know, once again, must consult the wife...

Have you any prior experience as an animal? Well between you and me, I have been neutered...does that count? And according to the other guys I'm whipped...that's an animal thing right?

Do you have a criminal record? Yes, I'm guilty of being whipped by my wife

How many eggs can you paint in an hour? Do I put my wife's face on them?

Please provide a reference: My wife, Leighanne Wallace, or my bff Nick Carter. But please just call my wife to hear her talk about me!

Any further information: I get too hyper sometimes; you may need to give me a shot to calm me down

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